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John Palmer Art names the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work as its 2018 Nonprofit of the Year
Since 2011, Artist John Ross Palmer has made philanthropy a dedicated part of his business model by selecting and supporting a Nonprofit of the Year. Rather than donate piecemeal to charities, Palmer gives gargantuan support to a worthy cause.
Japan Books - Philippe Huysveld (GBMC) - < Japan Series >
A new series of Books (5) about the economy, the society, the culture, business, tourism and the history of Japan.
Invision Filmworks Acquires Traphouse a Play to Premier for Houston Theatre
Invision Filmworks announces its first foray into theater with the acquisition of Traphouse. Traphouse will be cast later this month and will begin production by early next year.
Donna M. Zadunajsky, award winning author, announces release of second book in the Help Me series

Founder, Lisa Diersen loved the story and declared it The Festival Directors Choice

To avert crisis or out-and-out war with North Korea,and leader Kim Jong Un, Boston Global Forum scholars and diplomats gathered at Harvard University to air alternative strategies to include bank sanctions and soft power diplomacy. The Boston Global forum was founded in 2012 by former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis and Nguyen Ahn Tuan, who is best known for bringing a free and open Internet to Vietnam. The think tank's mission is to advance peaceful solutions to some of the world's most volatile conflicts between nations.
Dr. Phyllis A. Langton Working on the Final Revision for Sweet Abandon
Marilyn Meredith Announces Release of Newest Tempe Crabtree Mystery
Deputy Tempe Crabtree is the resident deputy of the mountain community of Bear Creek and its nearby surroundings in the Southern Sierra. A horrific snowstorm traps Tempe and her husband in the lodge of a summer camp along with the caretakers and seven most unpleasant people--one becomes a murder victim. And to complicate matters, the ghost of a former camper makes contact with Tempe.
Coming soon from CreativeEdgePublishing: Twisted Threads by Kaylin McFarren
Book 4 in the Threads series A family becomes an assassin's target after a crime lord's sister is brutally murdered in Kaylin McFarren's latest erotic, psychological thriller, Twisted Threads.
New Quarter Life Crisis Book Helps Millennials Escape a Life They Hate
Celebrated life hacker Kay Walker releases Quarter Life Crisis Escape Plan, a new book written to help frustrated, fearful or uncertain millennials get their lives back on track
John Ross Palmer hosts 6th Annual Prestigious Ladies Luncheon
Palmer has a built a career by honoring and supporting the community that supports him. Each Spring for the last six years, he's hosted a glamorous Ladies Luncheon to feature Houston's most dynamic women.
John Ross Palmer unveils Independence supporting The H.E.A.R.T. Program
Artist John Ross Palmer has a keen understanding that support of his Houston community comes back tenfold to the growth and evolution of his career and business.
Shelbyville TN Spring Multi-Author Book Signing
Eight talented authors and six different genre of books will come together on March 25, 2017 for a Multi-Author Book Signing at The New Covenant Christian Book Store in Shelbyville, TN.
Tanceuticals Named The Official Self Tanner of Spring Break
Tanceuticals, one of the fastest-growing self tanning companies in the world, is used by thousands of students on Spring Break for a healthy tan. Launches To Review The Most Popular Detox Teas
The new blog aims to take the confusion out of using detox teas for weight loss and good health.
Purple Dumpster Expands Bin Rental Services to Durham Region
LOCAL TORONTO INTEREST: Iconic bin rental brand Purple Dumpster expands its services into eastern communities of Toronto including Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Clarington and Port Perry.
John Ross Palmer Announces 2017 Escapist Artists
Artist John Ross Palmer doesn't believe in competition but rather champions supporting all artists to add power to the profession. Via his world renowned Escapist Mentorship Program, he coaches artists on how to thrive and not just survive.
John Palmer Art names The H.E.A.R.T. Program as 2017 Charity of the Year
Artist John Ross Palmer has a keen understanding that his success is dependent upon supporting the community that supports him. His humanitarian efforts to improve Houston further his life mission to destroy the stereotype of the struggling artist. Launches Brand New Quotes Blog
The blog provides inspirational content, quotes and educational resources for visitors looking for internal reflection Launches Brand New Quotes Blog
The blog provides inspirational content, quotes and educational resources for visitors looking for internal reflection
Treasurelives Celebrates Lives Saved and Learns from Lives Lost
TreasureLives wishes to address the epidemic of suicide through written and video biographies, education, and advocacy. People become immune to statistics. Knowledge of the lives behind the numbers, both saved and lost, is the key to destigmatizing mental illness. The willingness to acknowledge and seek treatment often means the difference between life and death. The overall mission of TreasureLives is simply to save lives.
Treasurelives Celebrates Lives Saved and Learns from Lives Lost
TreasureLives wishes to address the epidemic of suicide through written and video biographies, education, and advocacy. People become immune to statistics. Knowledge of the lives behind the numbers, both saved and lost, is the key to destigmatizing mental illness. The willingness to acknowledge and seek treatment often means the difference between life and death. The overall mission of TreasureLives is simply to save lives.
Art Launch hosts Inaugural Gala
The mission of Art Launch is to empower artists to thrive and not just survive. Its patrons are devoted to forever destroying the stereotype of the struggling artist.
1,000 Lakota Sioux Youth To Descend Upon Pipeline Protest Site
1,000 Youth from the Pine Ridge reservation are raising $100,000 to pay for the transport, tents, sleeping bags, and food needed for them to reach the pipeline protest site at Sacred Stone Camp. Their people are taking a stand to protect the water and the land, and they want to stand with them.
Coleman Legal Group, LLC Now Offering Weekend Appointments
Coleman Legal Group, LLC is now offering weekend appointments for consultations and meetings in the Alpharetta, Atlanta, Cumming and metro-Atlanta area for existing and prospective clients.
Announcing Limitless Bio Health Superior Quality Supplements On-line
Exciting announcement of the launch of Limitless Bio Health a company that creates a superior quality supplement superstore on-line to serve the health, wellness, and fitness needs of an upscale consumer market desiring excellent quality vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals and nootropic to maintain and increase vitality, wellbeing, luxury lifestyle, happiness and satisfaction.
3duality Releases a New Blog About 3D Printing
3duality explores the world of 3d printing and the impacts its having in all industries around the world. With the release of our new blog we are covering the possibilities that are merging with 3d printers such as the really exiting idea of being able to print anything you want at home how ever you want it. nears 60,000 Online Dresses
Online retailer are nearing sixty thousand online dresses available on its 2016 website.
Verdek Unveils New Products To Meet Growing Demand Of Electric Vehicle Industry
Two of the new products are residential chargers with upgraded features while the third is a new DC powered fast charger for business owners and municipalities, reports
Alpha Doggy Playcare Launches Campaign to Protect Dogs Who are at High Risk From Bushfire Days
Alpha Doggy Playcare is offering sanctuary to dogs that may be threatened by bushfire danger days, as the summer heat becomes more extreme every year as they launch campaign to help owners protect their pets.
J.P. Investigative Group Increase Agent Presence Throughout East Coast Cargo Theft Hot-Spots
J.P. Investigative Group has identified hot-spots for cargo theft along the East Coast, and has increased its presence there to more quickly investigate and resolve cases.
MulPix Upgrades Their Advanced Instagram Search To Permit Search Using Multiple Hashtags
John Ross Palmer hosts 5th Annual Prestigious Ladies Luncheon
Acquiring artwork from John Ross Palmer is an experience. It's first-class. He exhibits top-notch, personalized customer service. Once you are a collector, he honors you like royalty. His annual Ladies Luncheon embodies all of these virtues.
John Ross Palmer initiates 2016 Escapist Artists
Artist John Ross Palmer does not have competition. He believes in elevating all artists to add power to the profession. This weekend Palmer initiated three talented Houston artists into his Escapist Mentorship Program.
Merely Theatre Bring Shakespeare Off Screen & On Stage With 2016 National Tour
Merely Theatre Balance The Bard With UK Tour Using 50/50 Male and Female Company of Actors
As criticism mounts over opportunities for women in theatre, Merely Theatre use a company of five male and five female actors, producing five-hand Shakespeare productions touring the UK in 2016.
Canadian Country Music Artist Jade Mya Embarks On A Canadian Tour With New Album On The Horizon
Forbes Packaging Launches Brand New Website To Better Promote Packaging Services Online
John Palmer Art names Houston Habitat for Humanity as 2016 Charity of the Year
For the sixth consecutive year, acclaimed artist and philanthropist John Ross Palmer has selected a Charity of the Year for his business. For the calendar year 2016, John Palmer Art will support Houston Habitat for Humanity.
New Aging Boomer Series By Shirley W. Mitchell
Shirley W. Mitchell had a "Vision and Passion" to make her life and others' lives more productive, seeing what hard, long work days and getting older did to those around her. Her life "Passion" and "Mission" is to promote "Positive Aging and Vitality in Health" with her new Aging Boomer Series. The quantity of years in your life does not need to decrease the quality of your life, as Shirley shows her readers that she is dynamic proof that living longer can also mean living better!
Addium Pill Reviews Launches Brain Health Information Portal
Addium Pill Reviews is a high-level brain health website. Due to customer demand, the site has added an all new brain health information portal to better service existing customers.

The Tak tse Profit provides the following press release on the the his newly published book Etiam Tu: Eradicating Hatred. The first book in a series that will define the Philosophy of Etiam Tu. This first title in the series addresses humanities most urgent need, the elimination of Hatred from the Human spirit. The book includes an introduction to entire series as a whole and this book itself.
East West Connector Publishes New Guides on Business Tax Advice, Small Business Growth Tips and More
East West Connector is cultivating a community of small business owners by publishing invaluable advice, and has created new editorials on tax and growth for new businesses.
EDsmart Publishes New List and Analysis of The Top Ten Community Colleges In Greater Los Angeles
EDsmart has created a new ranking of the ten best community colleges in and around Greater Los Angeles, to help those in the area looking to gain qualifications find the best places to do so.

Babysitter Reviews Publishes New Coupon Codes To Help People Save Up To 50% On Care Services
Babysitter Reviews helps people navigate the increasingly diverse world of online babysitter and care providers, publishing reviews and exclusive coupons for recommended outlets.
Key data on UK Brick-and-mortar Stores on Newly Launched Platform
Buyers Are Losing out on Their Dream Homes in Essex, Says Balgores Property Group
Buyers are losing out on their dream homes in Essex, as demand continues to exceed supply, according to leading local estate agents Balgores Property Group.

MaxLand Real Estate Announces the Opening of a Branch in Kochi, Kerala
Maxland Kerala is a new face to real estate industry, but with great understanding of the market trends and moves. The Kochi real estate zone is going to be experienced the fresh and effective services of Maxland soon.

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