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Latest press releases in Science
Graphenano Presents Its Graphene Applications in the Construction Sector
Graphenano Group of Smart Materials, GRAPHENEcore and Graphenano Composites are the three subsidiaries of the group that will attend Construmat 2018:
Dr. Phyllis A. Langton Working on the Final Revision for Sweet Abandon
The Graphenano Group Will Attend Cevisama, International Exposition of Ceramics and Bath Held in Spain
From February 20 to 24 2018, Valencia hosts the Cevisama fair in the 35th edition of this international show that has been consolidated as the main event of the Spanish ceramic industry.
Cersaie International Exhibition Opens Its Doors:
The international exhibition dedicated to the architecture and bathroom sector, Cersaie opens its doors from 26 to 30 September in Bologna, Italy.
Mentalist Ehud Segev Reads Dentists' Minds in Germany
Mentalist Ehud Segev reads minds during an event in Germany
Thermalabs Supremasea to Announce New Releases
Thermalabs Supremasea sub-brand is set to announce new product releases soon.
Supremasea Research Working on More Dead Sea Formulations
Organic Healthcare Appoints Market Group as its Sole Distributor in the US
Organic Healthcare appoints North American distributor
Supremasea Increases Its 2017 Research & Production Budget
Thermalabs Reveals Formulation behind Its Tan Enhancer Lotion
Thermalabs, a leading cosmetics manufacturer, has finally revealed the formula behind their top-flying Tan Enhancer lotion.
Supremasea to Announce New Dead Sea Salt Formulations To Launch a Research Program Focused on Tanning Dangers
British Hypnotist Plans World Hypnotism Day Record Breaking Free Facebook Live Hypnotherapy Session
British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle Aims to Set a World Record for the Largest ever Facebook Live Group Hypnotherapy Treatment Session for the 13th World Hypnotism Day on Wednesday 4th January 2017.
Growing Advancements in Global Mobile Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps Market to Acquire a Strong CAGR of 74.4% until 2020
AR technology offers an experience of reality enhanced with virtual images and a virtual environment. AR technology blends digital content with the physical world. AR technology, with the help of a mobile app, displays computer-generated images in the user's field of vision, offering relevant information about real-world objects.
Itherverse: A new eZine full of adventures and maps for any RPG tabletop game system
Monthly ePub packed full of pre-written RPG scenarios for use in any table-top system or game setting using our quick conversion tables, project launched on Kickstarter
2c Light Co. Ltd. and Tk Corporation Sign MOU for Exclusive Supply of Electricity Generating Solar Fabric, Solfab
After many years producing solar wearable technology products, 2C Light has been looking for a source of power that can be more highly integrated into fashion and other outdoor equipment. We found it in Korea.

Mentalizer Education has said that its upcoming children book is currently under review, before publication.

Mentalist Ehud Segev to Roll Out Workplace Mentorship Program
Ehud Segev, a highly popular mentalist, is working on rolling out a workplace mentorship program.

Research Shows Magnesium Rich Foods Remedy Pain and Insomnia
Research studies are finding that magnesium relaxes muscles and nerves and helps relieve pain, migraine headaches, insomnia and more
3duality Releases a New Blog About 3D Printing
3duality explores the world of 3d printing and the impacts its having in all industries around the world. With the release of our new blog we are covering the possibilities that are merging with 3d printers such as the really exiting idea of being able to print anything you want at home how ever you want it.
Melatonin Rich Fruits for Sleep: New Studies from Nutrition Breakthroughs
Recent studies have found that eating tropical fruits such as pineapples and bananas, and also certain vegetables, can naturally increase melatonin in the body and help to improve sleep.
The Candida Diet: New Studies Show Natural Food Remedies
Researchers have been on the trail of natural options in order to provide people who have Candida overgrowth with some alternatives to antifungal drugs. In fact, studies have revealed several natural remedies.
Studies Discover Top 5 Health Benefits of Cherries
Recent research studies have discovered the health benefits of cherries include muscle pain relief, reducing inflammation, remedying insomnia, protection of brain cells and relief for knee arthritis
Studies on the Top Natural Headache Remedies Shown Effective
Aside from over the counter drugs or prescription medications, there are a number of natural headache remedies that have been shown in studies to be effective.
Top Fiber Foods: Studies Reveal Many Health Benefits
Studies are showing many health benefits for eating high fiber foods including lowered cholesterol, blood sugar, weight loss, digestive health and brain health. Vegetables, beans, seeds, berries and nuts are good sources.
Adrenal Fatigue - Studies Discover Natural Remedies
New studies are showing natural vitamins and minerals that can help support adrenal health
New Research Shows Walnut Health Benefits for Brain, Heart, Fertility
Due to the high amounts of healthy fats and potent plant chemicals, recent studies prove that walnuts can reduce brain stress, lower cholesterol, increase fertility and help with insomnia.
Studies Show Flaxseed Benefits Hot Flashes, Blood Sugar, More
Research is showing that benefits of flaxseed include preventing and relieving menopause hot flashes, lowering cholesterol, improving heart health and benefiting blood sugar levels
Foods for Sleep: Research on Proven Foods for Insomnia
Research studies are confirming that certain foods are high in the natural sleep hormone melatonin, and other foods are good sources of potassium, calcium and magnesium
Fortress Arms Launches Increased Focus on 1911 Customization Prompted by Demand Rush
Meeting clients' expectations without sacrificing functionality is crucial to maintaining safety and peace of mind, publishes
London Under Water: Dystopian Novel for Young Adults Highlights Climate Change Threat to Future Generations
Brand new YA novel, 'The Boy Who Fell from the Sky' is set in a world ravaged by climate change and is an adventure story with a serious message about the future we are making for ourselves.
Vitamin E Benefits: Studies on Health Boosts and Vitamin E Foods
Studies are showing vitamin E benefits include strengthening the heart, enhancing muscle health, preventing eye disease and boosting immune function.
Heart Study: Vitamin C Shown as Good as Exercise
A study from the University of Colorado has found that vitamin C taken daily, reduces blood vessel constriction as much as walking does
Balance Hormones Naturally with Tips from Current Research
Studies are showing how to balance hormones and relieve symptoms, as well as how to avoid hormone disruptions that can create imbalance

Studies show that vitamin D supports healthy bones, reduces diabetes risk, strengthens the immune system and remedies insomnia.
Evidence Shows Magnesium Helps Insomnia, Hot Flashes and Heart Health
Because magnesium helps relax nerves and muscles and affects over 300 actions in the body, studies are finding it helps insomnia, hot flashes, heart health and bone strength
Studies Show Vitamin C Benefits for Eyes, Skin, Heart, Immunity
Vitamin C benefits many areas of the body. It strengthens bones and teeth, heals wounds, fights infections, smooths skin wrinkles, and supports heart and eye health
Studies Reveal How Yogurt Benefits Stomach Health and Immunity
Studies Show Joint Pain Relief with Sulfur-Based Supplements
Sulfur-containing supplements such as glucosamine sulfate and MSM have been shown in studies to remedy arthritis and provide joint relief.
Heart Health: Studies Show Healthy Ways and Nutrients to Boost It
Heart loving foods, supplements and physical activity have been shown in research to boost heart health
Restless Leg Syndrome Remedies, Magnesium and Sleep Minerals Reviews
Recent research studies have found that people with restless leg syndrome (RLS) are deficient in the mineral magnesium. Reviews of Sleep Minerals II show that its an effective remedy for RLS.
Studies Show Fish Oil Helps the Heart, Stomach and Immune System
In a recent study, the beneficial actions of fish oil that block cholesterol buildup in the arteries were found even with people who consumed very high fat intakes
Study on Menopause Hot Flashes: Crushed Flaxseed Found Effective
Hot flashes and night sweats are a frequent symptom of menopause. In a recent study of women with hot flashes, the frequency of flashes decreased fifty percent after eating crushed flaxseed daily
Fibromyalgia Remedies: Study Shows a Calcium and Magnesium Deficiency
A calcium deficiency can lead to muscle cramping, aches, pains and insomnia: signs of low calcium and also of fibromyalgia
Study Shows Vitamin C is an Anti Wrinkle Vitamin for Skin Health
A research study from the United Kingdom has found that Vitamin C greatly enhances skin appearance and smooths wrinkles
Templant launches New Eco-T rental range
Research on How Avocados Balance Hormones Naturally
A key benefit of avocados is their ability to allow increased progesterone to be present in women and testosterone in men
Studies: Hot Flashes and PMS Eased by Evening Primrose Oil and Minerals
Research studies show a 42% improvement in the severity of menopause hot flashes and a 61% relief from PMS symptoms evening primrose oil

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