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Latest press releases in Leisure
Invision Filmworks Acquires Traphouse a Play to Premier for Houston Theatre
Invision Filmworks announces its first foray into theater with the acquisition of Traphouse. Traphouse will be cast later this month and will begin production by early next year.

Founder, Lisa Diersen loved the story and declared it The Festival Directors Choice
Mars Beach Tent Launches in the UK
Tent World Introduces Its Iris Folding Beach Chair
Tent World has just launched a brand new product

From Dyno Runs to Playstation Simulations, International Cast of Drivers are Ready to Race
Finishing Touches Underway on New Thriller by Award Winning Journalist, Glen Carter
Soldier Boy: A novel of reincarnation, redemption and revenge
Dr. Charles N. Toftoy Announces Third Psychological Thriller is in the works
When it comes to Chuck Toftoy, nothing slows him down. When he's not visiting local nursing homes with his therapy Yorkie, Zoe, or running in the Senior Olympics (and winning), he's working on yet another in his "EYES" series of thrillers. Reverse Pursuit has a unique twist when the serial killer goes after the Alpha Team, one by one. The Alpha Team is a group who usually helps track down the serial killer. "But not this time," states Toftoy.
Coming soon from CreativeEdgePublishing: Twisted Threads by Kaylin McFarren
Book 4 in the Threads series A family becomes an assassin's target after a crime lord's sister is brutally murdered in Kaylin McFarren's latest erotic, psychological thriller, Twisted Threads.
Driving Assignments Complete for Seven-Car Mini Mania Team at Can-Am Mini Challenge
Four Class Wins Sought by International All-Star Team at Vintage Historic Races
Prima Donna Pets Unveils Refurbished Dog Grooming Salon in Herongate, Essex
'Another Kind of Hero' from Author Lynn Hesse Soon to be Released
Tent World Introduces Its Jupiter Tent in France
Thermalabs Air Launches New Bronze Spray Tan Tent
Thermalabs Air has introduced yet another accessory into the market

All-Star Lineup from US and Europe Prepares for Sonoma Vintage Race in September

All-Star Lineup from US and Europe Prepares for Sonoma Vintage Race in September
PheekoTM, a Bright Fitness Brand, Is Launching its New Colorful Image
PheekoTM, a bright fitness brand, has launched its new colorful image. As part of the campaign it has introduced a new set of PULL UP bands offering 40% Discount on its Star Product: Pheeko Pull Up Assist Band Set. Anybody can easily make pull-ups and lose weight, gain muscle or just look and feel better than ever with Pheeko Pull Up Assist Bands.
Supremasea Shea Body Butter Available in the German Market
The Shea Body Butter by Supremasea is now available in the German market

Tent World has introduced some of its latest tent products in the German market.

Pluto Green Park tent by Tent World is now available in the German market
Thermalabs Beach Accessories Now Available via Online Storefront
Thermalabs upcoming beach accessories are now available online via
Artists Who Paint the Change of Light - Deserve Recognition
The changing of light in a painting creates that 'aha moment' for the viewer. Announcing Sweet Summer Light art competition.
The Naturally Clean Co Cleaning Service Helps the Community
New Drawing Tablet Blog a Lifeline for Tech-Seeking Artists
Illustrator Vicky Young's new site TABLETS FOR ARTISTS provides immense detail on all types of digital drawing tablets for illustrators, photographers, and designers.
Pluto Green Tent Launches in Germany
The Pluto green outdoor shelter is now available in the German market
Thermalabs Launches Folding Beach Bed
Thermalabs has launched a brand new folding beach bed
Thermalabs to Launch More Beach Accessories
Thermalabs is bound to launch more beach accessories over the coming few months
Thermalabs Folding Beach Bed Now Available Via
Thermalabs folding beach bed is now available in the market
Wellesley-Weston Magazine Features Author Dick Pirozzolo of 'Escape from Saigon - a Novel'
'Escape from Saigon - a Novel' adds to the spate of new novels such as 'The Sympathizer' and Ken Burns PBS special on the Vietnam War. 'More Americans are turning to the Vietnam War to get a perspective on U.S. entanglements overseas, especially with the war in Afghanistan entering its 13th year and talk of sending more American troops there,' said Dick Pirozzolo who coauthored 'Escape from Saigon' with Michael Morris.
Thermalabs Launches New Online Store
Thermalabs Launches New Online Store for Its Collections
Tent World to Introduce its Products in Asia

The Pluto Pink beach tent is now available in the UK.
Thermalabs Glow2Go is Back in the UK Market
Thermalabs has re-introduced the Glow2Go in the UK market
Thermalabs Air Collection Introduces 2 New Accessories
Thermalabs Air has added two new accessories to its existing portfolio

Thermalabs to Expand Its Beach Accessories Inventory

The new Pluto Purple kids beach tent by Tent World is now available in the UK.
John Ross Palmer hosts 6th Annual Prestigious Ladies Luncheon
Palmer has a built a career by honoring and supporting the community that supports him. Each Spring for the last six years, he's hosted a glamorous Ladies Luncheon to feature Houston's most dynamic women.

Thermalabs Working on More Beach Convenience Products
Tent World Launches Massive New Beach Tent
Tent World has just launched a massive new beach tent
Thermalabs Ivy Folding Beach Chair Launches in France
Thermalabs new Ivy folding beach chair is now available in France

Tent World has launched yet a new product, the Pluto Yellow tent
Dick Pirozzolo to Speak at Barnes & Noble, on "Escape from Saigon- a Novel"

Tent World Launches Pluto Green Park Tent
Tent World today launched a new tent called the Pluto Green Park
Thermalabs Publishes Expert Tanning Guide
Thermalabs has published its secret tanning guide
Pluto Pink Beach Tent Launches in the UK
Tent World has launched its Pluto Pink Beach tent in the United Kingdom
Cosmetics Firm Thermalabs Launches Replacement Sponges for its Back Applicator Deluxe
Thermalabs has launched a 20-pack replacement sponge bundle for its Back Applicator Deluxe.

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