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Latest press releases in Consumer
Recordings from the Early 2000s Taken Off the Shelf for Release
Singer-songwriter Krista Elise is taking almost two-decade old songs and is releasing them on a variety of online media store outlets during January 2018. The songs were created in the U.S. during the early 2000s in partnership with her co-writer and co-musician John Hinzmann. It will be the first time the songs are available for purchase by the public.
Land of Books and Honey Shop Extends Rock Bottom Prices for the Season
Customers can enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices for the remainder of the holiday season.
New Resource For Fledgling T-Shirt Businesses
With the explosion of small independent t-shirt design businesses over the last ten years, there has been a subsequent increase in need for quality resources. How To Heat Press is rising up to meet this need.

Nisort Kenya, a new directory that will list service providers, is now live.
Thermalabs Glow2Go is Now Available in the German Market
Thermalabs Glow2Go tanning wipes are now available in the German market
Thermalabs Gold Standard Tanner Available Back in the Market
Thermalabs original tanning lotion is now back in the market
The Ultimitt Tan Applicator Mitt Now Available in France
Thermalabs Ultimitt is now available in the French market
Supremasea Working on More Skincare Formulations
Supremasea is working on more skincare formulations to be launched in the next few weeks
Pluto Yellow Tent Launches in Germany
The Pluto Yellow beach and outdoor tent by Tent World has launched in the German market
Thermalabs to Sell Its Products Online via New e-Shop
Thermalabs Releases Its Antiaging Sunscreen Lotion in the UK
Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has launched its antiaging sunscreen in the UK
Tent World Introduces Its Pluto Violet Tent in France
Tent World has launched its Pluto Violet tent in the French market
Mars Beach Tent Now Available in the UK
Tent World Introduces Its Jupiter Tent in France
Tent World has introduced its Jupiter beach tent in the French market
Thermalabs Releases Its Folding Beach Bed
Thermalabs has today launched a brand-new folding beach bed
Green Pluto Kids Tent Hits the German Market
The Pluto Park Green tent by Tent World is now available in the German market
Supremasea Shea Body Butter Now Available in the German Market
Tent World Launches in Europe
Tent World has launched a section of its most popular products in the European market
Life-Mapping Coach Training Earns Respected BCC Approval
After 5 years of USA's first military veteran focused coach certification program, BlueRio Strategies launches modified and updated program that trains people to support service members, veterans and their families. It is now BCC-Approved and will launch this December 2017.
Top 10 Analysis Launches To Provide The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Faucets and Portable Toilet is a new website looking to become the authority in home furnishings, and has started with a comprehensive review of the best toilets available in 2016.
Supremasea Lavender Body Scrub Exfoliator Available in Italy
Supremasea has introduced its Lavender exfoliator in the Italian market
Thermalabs Introduces Glow2Go in the UK Market
Thermalabs has introduced its self-tanning wipes in the UK market
Thermalabs Launches Its Premium Exfoliating Mitt
Thermalabs has today launched yet another bathing accessory
Mars Beach Tent Launches in the UK
New Lavender Body Scrub Exfoliator from Supremasea Launches in France

Tent World has launched yet another outdoor shelter
Thermalabs Air Launches Samana Art
Thermalabs Air has introduced its Samana Art airbrushing system
Thermalabs Premium Exfoliating Gloves Set Now Available on Amazon
Thermalabs has launched its premium exfoliating gloves set on
New Online Shop for Cosmetics Launches
Thermalabs has launched a new online storefront for its products.
Tent World Launches Its New Tents in the Italian Market
Tent World has introduced a number of its new tents in the Italian market
Thermalabs Original Self Tanner Back in the Market
Thermalabs pilot product, the original self tanner, is now available in the market
Thermalabs Ultimitt Now Available via Echo Devices
Thermalabs Ultimitt tanning mitt can now be ordered remotely via Echo.
Glow2Go Now Available in the UK Market
Glow2Go self-tanning towelettes are now available in the UK market

Thermalabs has launched its Protectan sunscreen lotion in the UK market
Tent World Launches Its Pluto Tent for Kids
Tent World has launched a brand new tent intended for use by kids
Supremasea Launches Shea Body Butter
Thermalabs to Introduce New Formulations This Quarter
Koenig Equipment to Acquire Smith Implements
Koenig Equipment, Inc., is acquiring the assets and operations of Smith Implements, Inc. With the addition of Smith locations in Bloomington, Franklin, Greenfield, Greensburg, Richmond and Rushville, Indiana, Koenig Equipment will have 13 dealership facilities serving agricultural, commercial and residential customers in southwestern Ohio and southeastern Indiana.
Pest ID Awarded the Prestigious Confederation of European Pest Control Associations Certification (CEPA)
Pest ID is the third company in Essex to be awarded the prestigious CEPA award, having demonstrated best practice and commitment to professional pest management.
Prima Donna Pets Unveils Refurbished Dog Grooming Salon in Herongate, Essex
Tent World Introduces Its Jupiter Tent in France
Thermalabs Air Launches New Bronze Spray Tan Tent
Thermalabs Air has introduced yet another accessory into the market
Thermalabs Ultimitt Is Now Available in the UK
Thermalabs Ultimitt tan applicator mitt is now available in the UK
Thermalabs Gold Standard Tanner Launches in Germany
The gold standard tanning lotion is now available in Germany

The Shea Body Butter lotion by Supremasea has launched in the French market
Thermalabs Ultimitt Now Available Via Echo
Thermalabs Ultimitt can now be ordered remotely via Amazon Echo devices
Thermalabs Tanning Applicator Mitt Launches in the UK
One of Thermalabs most popular products, the ultimitt tan applicator mitt, is now available in the UK
Tent World Introduces Its Pluto Pink Kids Tent in Germany
Tent World has launched one of its latest products in the German market
Thermalabs Ultimitt is Now Available in Germany
One of Thermalabs best-ever releases, the Ultimitt, has now launched in Germany
Thermalabs Iris Beach Chair is Now Available in the UK
Thermalabs today introduced its new Iris beach chair in the UK market

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