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Latest press releases in Communication
Mentalist Ehud Segev Performs in Switzerland
Mentalist Ehud Segev recorded his latest professional performance in St. Moritz, Switzerland
New Site Gives Fans Direct Contact to Ehud Segev, a brand-new site, will give fans direct access to Ehud Segev
Mentalist Ehud Segev Performs in St. Moritz Switzerland
Ehud Segev recorded his most recent performance at the Palace Hotel, Switzerland
Mentalizer Education Launches Enrollment Platform
Mentalizer Education has launched a new enrollment site
Mentalizer Education Launches, a new site by Mentalizer Education, is now live

Mentalizer Education added a new website for its brand.
Mentalizer Education Launches Mentalizer.Org
Mentalizer Education has launched a new website,
9 Steps to Influence Audio Book Now Available
9 Steps to Influence now available at
Secrets of The Voice Audio Book Now Available
New List at Ranks Best Mentalists has recently ranked the 7 best mentalists in the world today.
New List at Ranks Best Mentalists has recently ranked the 7 best mentalists in the world today.
Mentalist Ehud Segev Launches New Domain
Ehud Segev has launched a new domain to showcase his work
Mentalist Ehud Segev to Offer Charity Performances
Bestselling Author Ehud Segev to Perform in New York
Mentalist Ehud Segev is scheduled for a string of performances in New York City in the next few months
Mentalist Ehud Segev Plans New Shows in the US This Year
Mentalist Ehud Segev will perform at more shows in the US this year
Mentalist Ehud Segev Performs in Broadway, New York
Mentalist Ehud Segev has recorded his latest performance in New York City
Renowned Mentalist Performs at Rooftop of 433 Broadway in New York
Mentalist Ehud Segev yesterday performed at the rooftop of the 433 Broadway building in New York City.

Thermalabs to Donate 10% Of Its Profits This Year
PR Guru Dick Pirozzolo Urges CEOS to Practice Issues Management Hygiene
Corporations must practice good Issues Management Hygiene to avoid the kind of crisis United Airlines suffered in the press according to PR authority Dick Pirozzolo, APR of Boston who told his readers there are three elements to crisis management: Emergency Management, Issues Management and Crisis Management itself. "It's a three legged stool of corporate communication," said the veteran PR consultant who is highly regarded for his role in solidifying US-Vietnam relations.

Mentalist Ehud Segev Reads Dentists' Minds in Germany
Mentalist Ehud Segev reads minds during an event in Germany
German Edition of Secrets of the Voice Launched
Secrets of the Voice, an Amazon Kindle bestseller, is now available in the German language.
Mentalist Ehud Segev Performs at the International Dental Conference
Ehud Segev performs in Germany
Ehud Segev Records First Performance in Africa this Year
Mentalist Ehud Segev has just completed his first African performance in Ghana this year.
Mentalist Ehud Segev Performs in Ghana, Africa
Mentalist Ehud Segev recorded a massive performance in Ghana, Africa
Global Analysis of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Market Indicates Positive Growth Until 2021
North America is expected to hold the largest market share and dominate the UCaaS market from 2016 to 2021. The main drivers responsible for the growth of UCaaS services in North America are the stable economy, technological advancements, and unified communication infrastructure demands. The UCaaS market in APAC is expected to witness highest the growth in the coming five years due to increasing technological adoption and huge opportunities across industry verticals in APAC countries, especially India and China.
Global Analysis of Business Information Market Expected to Attain High Growth Rate with a CAGR of 5.2% during 2017-2021
Business information services and solutions can be defined as systems, which provide syndicated information, trade publishing, and advisory services for decision-making in industries such as the finance, legal, media, healthcare, and scientific research. The business information solutions collect, process, and disseminate information.
Itherverse: A new eZine full of adventures and maps for any RPG tabletop game system
Monthly ePub packed full of pre-written RPG scenarios for use in any table-top system or game setting using our quick conversion tables, project launched on Kickstarter
New Study Focuses on Strategic Analysis of Enterprise Mobility Management Market Till 2020 to Publish List of Most Reputable Brands in the Industry has said that it will be revealing the best brands in the tanning industry.

Mentalizer Education has said that its upcoming children book is currently under review, before publication.
Professor Ponzey and the Truth Potion Launches in the UK

Mentalist Ehud Segev to Roll Out Workplace Mentorship Program
Ehud Segev, a highly popular mentalist, is working on rolling out a workplace mentorship program.
Ehud Segev to Launch Brain Mastery Workshop
Ehud Segev, aka The Mentalizer, will launch a Brain Mastery online workshop
Mentalist Ehud Segev Featured on
Ehud Segev, aka The Mentalizer, has been featured on

Mentalist Ehud Segev to Launch New Children Books Series
Mentalist Ehud Segev to Launch an Online Learning Platform for His Fans
Ehud Segev is launching an online learning platform for his fans.
Mentalist Ehud Segev Performs in India
Mentalist Ehud Segev has made his latest performance in India Receives Outside Investment From A Sasquatch has just learned from there investment banker that they will be funded by a well know sasquatch, that resides out of the Seattle Washington area. He seems to be searching for investments in companies that are online says " Lenny Millwood" Seattle reporter for Sasquatch Times.
Maxprog releases eMail Extractor 3.6.8 for macOS and MS Windows
eMail Extractor 3.6.8 has been released today and is available now on Maxprog website with several interesting new features and improvements.
MaxBulk Mailer 8.5.5 release
Maxprog is proud to present a new release of its bulk email software, MaxBulk Mailer, available now on Maxprog website with several interesting new features and improvements.

The team at the Essex based installations company is pleased to announce that two of its staff members have successfully completed the tough Nuclear Race event.

Signs and Print Ltd Offering Free PVC Banners for Schools and Charities
The established sign maker is providing customised PVC banners to local schools and charitable organisations free of charge.
Mobile Marketing Gets Now Solution
Latest statistics support what many already know to be true - Smartphones are replacing lap-tops and PC's and apps are replacing websites. This article features insights into how affordable and flexible web 3.0 technology is delivering new ways to market and communicate faster and directly with subscribers using a program destined to be the #1 network marketing launch of 2016. It is unique in the world, the infrastructure is patent pending and the Silent Salesman app is trademarked - it also is unique in the world.

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