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Latest press releases in Chemicals
The Graphenano Group Will Attend Cevisama, International Exposition of Ceramics and Bath Held in Spain
From February 20 to 24 2018, Valencia hosts the Cevisama fair in the 35th edition of this international show that has been consolidated as the main event of the Spanish ceramic industry.
Cersaie International Exhibition Opens Its Doors:
The international exhibition dedicated to the architecture and bathroom sector, Cersaie opens its doors from 26 to 30 September in Bologna, Italy.

Announcing the launch of an online course designed to expose CEOs to everything they require in taking key decisions for the successes of their organizations. Releases Important New Review of Top Natural Cholesterol Reducer
Frequently requested new addition to site goes in depth with one of the best-selling natural cholesterol management supplements and produces some surprising findings, reports
Studies on the Many Health Benefits of Essential Fats
Recent research studies are finding that the healthiest fats benefit the eyes, joints, heart, lungs, immunity and more
Medical Memphis Expands Range Of Prescription Drugs Offered At Wholesale Prices
Medical Memphis is a website that helps people source their prescription drugs at the most competitive possible prices, and has expanded the list of drugs they offer.
Nutrition Breakthroughs: Daily Tomato Juice Reduces Waist Size, Body Fat
A new study from Taiwan has found that a daily glass of tomato juice slims the waist and reduces body fat and weight
Purely Natural Cosmetics Warns about the Truth Behind High-End Brand Cosmetics
DIY Pest Control Smoke Bombs Increasing Demand for Fire Services; Authorities Urge People to Seek Expert Help
New Health and Safety Manager appointed to London Drainage Facilities
The city-based drainage company has recently welcomed a new Health and Safety representative to its growing team.
Armor Garage Proprietary PVC Floor Tiles Installed at Kyger Creek Power Station
Armor Garage's new, proprietary PVC floor tiles, treated with the anti-stain additive called Armor Shield, were selected for installation at the Kyger Creek power station located in Cheshire, Ohio.
Green Stream Chemicals and Soaps New Web-site Opening
Green Stream Chemicals and Soaps company is happy to announce new web-site opening. Here you will find environmentally friendly products for your facilities.
Genco Peptides Accepts Bitcoin Currency As Mt.Gox Controversy Begins To Settle
Bitcoin saw its future in doubt after the largest trading platform for the currency closed, losing approximately $367 million, but businesses like Genco Peptides still back the currency.
OneRestore Extends Service Area Into New Florida Territories
OneRestore, based in the Ocala, Florida, is expanding their "green clean" cleaning services into new Florida territories and adding the latest advanced cleaning technology to their operation.
OneRestore Extends Service Area Into New Florida Territories
OneRestore, based in the Ocala, Florida, is expanding their "green clean" cleaning services into new Florida territories and adding the latest advanced cleaning technology to their operation.
Hearts Pest Management, Inc. Lends Their Expertise To The Victims of Pest Invasion
Hearts Pest Management was recently featured in a article in the Wall Street Journal, discussing the steps to preventing pest infestation in homes and businesses.
Insect and Pest Season is Here - Is Your Home Ready?
Free Online Tool From Ronin Pest Control Helps Homeowners Identify Common Household Pests
Leading filter press manufacturer Diemme Filtration acquired by Passavant-Geiger
Passavant-Geiger, leader in environmental technology and wastewater treatment, part of the Bilfinger Berger Facility Services Group, acquired a majority stake in Diemme Filtration, a company specialized in filter press manufacturing and solid-liquid separation technologies.
Vrisko Limited Obtains an Import License for Biotech Products and Services.
Vrisko Limited announced that it has received an Import License from DEFRA (English Department for Enviroment and Food and Rural affairs) which will allow this company to begin purchasing and importing biotechnology products and services from overseas suppliers into UK.
CatVest Petroleum Services LLC launches EnergyRisk Model and Industry Loss Index
CatVest Petroleum Services LLC announces the launch of the EnergyRisk Model and Industry Loss Index which faciliatest the transformation of energy risks into capital market risk transfer instruments.
Tungsten Ore Supply Situation Is Difficult To Alleviate In Short-Term
The current situation is that tungsten prices experienced after 5-6 months of adjustment, to regain an upward trend since July. Tungsten price at the beginning of August to return to 157,000 yuan / ton year, prices rose 40.9% over year; 2011 January-July average price of 136,000 yuan tungsten / ton, compared with 2010 average price rose 56.8%.
An Amazing SharePoint Website Up & Running in Just 3 Weeks? Kaldeera Sharepoint Tools Can Do It!
The development of the new website has been a challenge for the team. Two priority goals were set: a limited 3 weeks time to deploy the website and an easy maintenance. The intensive use of Kaldeera Tools was the key to success!
Gmp Synthesis Chemistry Services Organisation, Onyx Scientific, Announce Increased Demand for Early-phase Investigational New Drug (IND) Development
Onyx Scientific excel in streamlining GMP synthesis processes. Their compliance standards minimise impurities, reduce costs and significantly improve timelines for phase I and II clinical studies.
Seamless Flooring Contractor Creates State of The Art Customer Service
HPS Corporation is creating industry specific websites to better serve the food processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and manufacturing resinous flooring needs.
Majestic MRSS Announces Three Senior Level Appointments
To support the increased demand experienced in its India operations, MajesticMRSS has announced three senior level appointments.
Custom Synthesis Chemistry Services CRO, Onyx Scientific, Hails the Success of Its Solid-state Polymorph Screening Services
Specialist chemistry services CRO, Onyx Scientific, provides custom synthesis services throughout all stages of a drug-discovery process for phase l and ll clinical studies.
Solid-state Chemistry Services CRO, Onyx Scientific Reports Increased Demand for Polymorph Screening, Salt Selection and Crystallization Studies
Onyx delivers 'one partner' convenience with pre-agreed workflows tailored to support key analytical milestones and timescales.
Gmp Synthesis Chemistry Services CRO, Onyx Scientific, Reports Increased Small Scale Production for Phase I and II Clinical Studies
Onyx Scientific manufacture high value intermediates and APIs to GMP-compliant standards for both phase I and phase II clinical studies.
Independent Dynamometer Tests Shows Dynacycle Oil Continues to Out Perform Amsoil MCV
Dynacycle Oil Users See an Immediate Increase in Horsepower and Performance
Independent Test Shows Dynacycle Oil out Performs Amsoil Mcv
Life Sciences Telemarketing Agency, Voicentric, Announces Record-breaking Growth
Expert in value proposition messaging, Life Sciences telemarketing agency, Voicentric, undertake multi-lingual telemarketing programs into: global pharma, universities and biotech companies, to conduct: market research, lead generation, appointment setting, customer satisfaction studies, data cleansing, customer profiling, conference and seminar attendance.
Polymorph Screening Chemistry Services CRO, Onyx Scientific, Announces the Continued Strong Growth of Its Solid-state Services
Onyx Scientific Ltd, provides polymorphism chemistry services to the international pharmaceutical and biotech industries throughout all stages of a drug-discovery process. Solid-state services include:salt selection; physicochemical property determinations; classical resolution and crystallisation studies.

Car Care Megastore is now a Distributor of the Lucky Earth brand of car care products. Lucky Earth products are superior to any car care products on the market, and are Eco-Friendly. Protect your car, protect your family, protect your environment!
Temperature@lert Selected by Metro-NYC Gourmet Food Distributor Cindy Sue Products to Monitor Freezers
Temperature@lert's Wi-Fi Temperature Sensors Selected to Monitor Critical Building Systems at Bluefield State College
Temperature@lert's Wi-Fi Temperature sensors monitor hot water temperatures in two buildings, pool temperature, and heating/cooling temperature in a third facility. Wireless networked notification solution that reliably creates and sends alerts at times when issues occur without the expensive implementation and overhead typically associated with other systems.
Global Scientific Launch XRF Gold Jewelry and Precious Metals Analyzers
'Extreme Klean(TM)' Part Washers by Kemac(R) - for the Toughest Cleaning Challenges
Trimac Industrial Systems, LLC ( , a leading manufacturer of industrial part washers for 25 years, will provide it's heavy-duty part washers under the Extreme Klean(TM) label.
Onyx Scientific Grows API GMP Synthesis Contract Chemistry Services
Reid Supply Now Offering New Dickies Apparel Line And Expanded Selection Of Safety Products Online
Leading supplier of industrial products, Reid Supply Company, added over 7,000 new Dickies apparel items to its expansive product offering. The firm also greatly expanded its collection of safety products available at
Onyx Scientific is Pleased to Announce the Successful Launch of Its Solid-state Polymorph and Crystallization Chemistry Services.
Group Announces New Web Site Domain
XRD/XRF Phase Identification and Quantification of Shale Cuttings
TERRA, inXitu's field portable XRD/XRF analyzer for the oil, gas and minerals industries

Smelly Washer Blog Educates Public On Washer Mold Perils And Stinky Washing Machines
The makers of premier washing machine cleaner, Smelly Washer, have updated their blog and circulated articles amongst the public highlighting the causes and effects of smelly and fungus-infested washing machines.
Washing Machine Cleaner, Smelly Washer, Eradicates Mold Caused By Severe Water Damage
Smelly Washer, a green product that can eliminate washing machine smell, can eradicate mold caused by water damage in the home, too. This natural product eliminates mold and allergens that may be breeding in water damaged areas.

Plastic Injection Molding Firm Recaptures Business from China
For years many businesses turned to cheap labor markets, such as China, for inexpensive manufacturing solutions, but premier plastic injection molding company C&J Industries has noticed a reversal in this trend.
The Environmental Protection Agency Honors Multi-Clean with Prestigious Environmental Award
The EPA honored cleaning products manufacturer Multi-Clean for the company's sustainability leadership in the cleaning industry at a special awards ceremony in Washington DC on November 19th. Every year, millions of pounds of cleaning and laundry products are sent down the drain, some of which can harm the environment and may have links to certain cancers in humans . Multi-Clean exemplified leadership in the cleaning industry by committing to use only raw materials that were proven to be safer for people and the environment.
Plastic Injection Molding Company, C&J Industries, Deploys Rapid Prototyping For Quick Turnaround
C&J Industries' recent launch of stereolithography technology shortens the product design and development cycle for plastic injection molding parts, giving customers results in hours -- not days -- and an edge on their competition.
Plastic Injection Molding Company, C&J Industries, Selected For Trade Magazine's Cover Story
C&J Industries, a leading plastic injection molding and product design company, is the cover feature story of the Fall 2008 issue of 'Plastics Business,' the official publication of Manufacturers Association of Plastics Processors (MAPP).

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